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Home > General knowlege about Collapsible aluminum tube


1. the aluminum purity affects tube performance: applying low-purity aluminum slug will cause dents or impurity content on the ground of tube, and will lead to bad sealability;


2. the interior coating has big imfluence on the tube: to avoid the corrosion of aluminum to    cream or ointment,  protective layer must be applied to the interior wall of tube. So the interior lacquer quality will make impact directly on the separation force. If the interior lacquer is not even, or with air bubble, discontinuous, too thin or too easy to fall off, the potential risk will take place. Fortune applys high-quality lacquer with stability and  high-precise facilities for the spraying interior wall from top to bottom for 3 times, which leads to even, continous and suitable thickness membrane. Fortune uses the FDA-certificated interior lacquer which has the advantage of great levelability, stability and ageing resistence.


3. the effort of bottom latex: the water-based bottom latex is voltage -sensitive, which will enhance the sealability and the cream performance.


4. the types of bottom collapse: three fold, four fold and five fold.


5. the types of plastic cap material:  protogenetic and reworked material,  the former has the advantage of better ability of breakability, oxidation and ageing resistence.