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Home > Technical requirement of collapsible aluminum tube

1)  specification & size: should be compliant with industrial standard or customer requirement;        

2)  the continuity of interior lacquer:  should be lower than 40mA;             

3)  the stability of interior lacquer: the lacquer should not drop or fall off when using cotton  with acetone to wipe it;    

4)  pliability & adhesive force: interior and outer lacquer should not split or fall off with press or extrusion on the tube;    


5) toughness: under the impact test, the general toughness should be compliant as- 11mm for 13.5mm tube, 6mm for 16mm tube, 8mm for 19mm tube, 10mm for 22 mm tube, 15mm for 25mm tube, 13mm for 28mm tube etc..                                                                                      

6) closure ability: hard press and extrude the opening of tube bottom toward shoulder, should not cause leakage;                                          

7)  printing quality: printing content should strictly be consistent with artwork provided by the cutstomer,  and position or placement should be accurate;  the printing appearance should be neat, bright and clean; the printing ink should be solid and strong, no printing falling caused  when using cotton with  ethanol to wipe the tube wall;            

8)cleanness:  no extra process ort or other materials left in the interiority; no metal rag caused when screw the cap;                            

9) evenness of bottom latex:   the latex should be even, without discontinuity and stack;                                                                          

10) coordination between cap and scream:  the cap and screw thread should match  smoothly.

11) contamination test (especially for pharmaceutical tube): bacterial and mildew should not exceed 5 individual/ml, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa is prohibited.